BASF Finale® XL T&O Herbicide

BASF Finale® XL T&O Herbicide


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Fast, non-selective control with precision accuracy

Finale XL T&O herbicide is a non-selective, contact herbicide with enhanced active ingredient loading that can be used anywhere you desire total weed control. It has pinpoint accuracy and delivers fast control of the toughest weeds at lower use rates than prior formulations.

It‘s the perfect tool for spot treatments and precision edging along cart paths, fences and landscape beds.

Key Benefits

Faster Activity Fast-acting knockdown of troublesome weeds

Precision Accuracy Contact activity only affects what you spray with no spread to surrounding turf

Controls Toughest Weeds Controls winter broadleaf weeds and herbicide-resistant Poa annua in dormant warm-season turf

Glyphosate Alternative Excellent alternative to glyphosate: faster results and lower A.I. per acre

Finale XL T&O herbicide is a great alternative to glyphosate products. Contact activity allows for worry-free, precision edging and minimal off-target issues. Weed growth is stopped within hours-to-days of application with faster symptomology, particularly during cool weather.

Additional Advantages

  • Better control of broadleaf weeds
  • Rainfast in as little as 30 minutes
  • More timing flexibility on dormant bermudagrass
  • Will control sucker growth with no known negative effect to main plant
  • Excellent tank mix partner with preemergent herbicides for residual control

Where to use Finale XL T&O herbicide


  1. Cart path edges
  2. Base of trees
  3. Pond edges
  4. Rough and native areas (spot treatment)
  5. Pump house
  6. Bunkers
  7. Fencelines
  8. Gravel walkways and parking areas
  9. Landscape beds


  1. Fencelines
  2. Tree bases
  3. Gravel walkways, roads
  4. Landscape beds
  5. Lawn edges

Product Specifications

FRAC Group: 10

Active ingredients (%): glufosinate-ammonium 24.5%

Rate Range (% solution): 0.4 to 1.25*

Rate Range: 27 to 82 fl oz / A* 

Formulation: Soluble concentrate


*Finale XL T&O herbicide‘s rate range is a function of the size of the weed; maximum rates are for large weeds and brush and perennial grasses. Maximum rate is 5.125 pints per acre. Add NIS and/or AMS for better control of perennial grasses, brush, and large weeds.

Effective Against

Crabgrass, dandelion, clover, plantain, and nimblewill

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