Dog & Cat Repellent, Ready-to-Use, 32-oz.

Liquid Fence

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Pets and strays will habitually visit the same areas, seeking familiar animal scents, to perform their "duties." When Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent Ready-To-Use is sprayed in these areas, it will mask the familiar odors, causing the animals to become uneasy, thus repelling them. Spray on lawns, trees, shrubs, flower beds, garden areas, trash cans and other areas where pets and/or strays are not wanted. Effectiveness will last a week or more and continue to work as long as the repellent is present. Simply repeat applications as necessary. Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent Ready-To-Use is harmless to plants and animals when used and stored as directed, and it will not harm vegetation. Training tip: Initially, to break a pattern of habitual behavior, the repellent may need to be applied more frequently. As the animal's behavior is changed, the application frequency can be reduced.

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