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Red Brand Barbed Wire is built to safely contain your animals and protect your property. All Red Brand Barbed Wire comes in a length of 1,320 feet. That’s the equivalent of one-quarter mile, or one side of a square 40-acre parcel. Consider how many lines of wire you prefer to have on your enclosure. Finally, determine the number of barbs you’ll need on your fence line. To help you select the proper fence for your property, stop by your local ag store and talk to a Red Brand dealer for more information. For helpful advice on installing barbed wire, check out our Installation resources and video, where we share expert advice.

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Red Brand Barbed Wire is expertly made using the best steel available for consistency and performance. The barbs remain strong and sharp. The double wire-reverse twist cable design creates a strong, dependable wire that won't sag and keeps barbs in place.


Red Brand makes two styles of barbs - Defender 2-point and Ruthless 4-point.
The spacing between barbs on our Defender is 4" and Ruthless features 5" spacing. To safely contain most herds, we generally recommend 4 to 5 lines of barbed wire, spaced about 10" apart.


Red Brand Barbed Wire is available in standard low carbon 12-½ gauge wire. All of our Barbed Wire is coated with a zinc alloy for rust protection. Each style is available in Class 1, Class 3, or Commercial
grade galvanization.


Typically, fence posts should be installed every 8 to 12 feet. When installing on uneven ground, place posts closer together, with one on the top of each rise.


Barbed Wire can be used for several applications. The most common use is to secure cattle, but it can also be used to confine swine, sheep and goats. Many times it's used in combination atop field fence or Red Brand's exclusive
King Ranch fence.


The primary benefit of barbed wire fence
is its simplicity. The list of materials is short - just barb wire, posts, stays and staples. Red Brand's red-tipped barbs assure the highest quality steel for sharp, strong points and durable wire for
lasting performance.


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