Rockwell Boractin Insecticide Powder

Rockwell Labs

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A Superfine, Non-Repellent 99% Boric Acid Dust. Versatility Defined!

Product Code: BAIP001

Combats a Wide Range of Crawling Insects

Effective against cockroaches, palmetto bugs, water bugs, ants (except carpenter ants), silverfish and darkling beetles.

Long-Lasting, Odorless Powder

Will not break down in heat or UV light. Remains active until removed.

Superfine, Non-Clumping Powder for Superior "Dustability"

Precision milling in pharmaceutical grade equipment yields a superior product for dusting and an excellent ability to stick.

Moisture Resistant

Broad Label: Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Applications

Including both food and non-food areas and for darkling beetle control in poultry houses.

Versatile Label: Use as a Liquid Spray, Foam, Mop Solution and as a Drain Treatment for Drain Flies

Use in New Construction Pre-Treat Applications for Prevention of Cockroach and Drywood Infestations

Excellent for Void Treatments

Green Zone™ Brand

Suitable for green service programs.

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